Video processing tools that you need

Whether you’re a YouTuber, an editor or a designer, there will come a day where you need to edit a video when you’re in the digital art and design industry. Editing a simple video can be smooth as it requires less hardware and processing power to do. But nowadays, video processing demands have increased, which means more complex editing that requires a powerful tool by your side. Here we have listed several video processing tools that you need if you’re a video editor.

Online resources

Sometimes when you’re editing your client is going to request another video or music added to the video. But the problem with adding contents to your video is a copyright problem, a lot of music and videos are copyrighted, which means you can’t use it freely, especially if your video is for commercial use. But do not worry, there’s a lot of free-to-use videos and music from YouTube and other sites as well, just make sure that you check if they’re copyright free (safe to use).

A good computercpu

This tool is an essential tool for every editor, yes an excellent high-end computer is needed. A simple reason is that every time you edit you’re going to render the video, which takes a lot of time depending on how complicated the editing goes. If you have a lousy computer, it’ll take hours and hours, some can even take a whole day to render, and this is why a good machine can reduce the time taken for rendering.

Tip: a good setup is a computer with bigger RAM, preferably 8 gigabyte is the minimum for video editing, more is always better.

cpu fanCooling system

Besides a high-end computer set up, you also need a cooling system as your computer will get heated during the rendering process. What you can do to cool down the heat is to install a fan on your computer, one is never enough, make sure to have two or three fans on your computer. If you have more money to spare, you can always get a liquid cooling system for your pc, which is more efficient than computer fans, but might cost more.

Tip: if your computer case is small, you can always get a little external fan, this will save some money for your wallet and some space for your computer.…

How Video Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Video marketing is among the most effective ways of marketing businesses. Being a relatively new means of promoting products and services, it has taken the first position compared to other marketing strategies. You should realize that video marketing industry has grown and it is embraced by many. Therefore, you should take advantage of this and start promoting your business through videos. It is arguably the quickest, effective and relatively cheap way to market your trade. You can use creatively produced videos to increase traffic on your website which will as well attract more customers. This is simply because most people prefer watching rather than reading articles. Below is a comprehensive explanation of how video marketing can help grow your business.

Faster message delivery

Use of videos in business promotion is a great marketing strategy because it reaches millions of people within the shortest time possible. This is greatly influenced by the fact that many people love watching than reading. Watching a video is more appealing than reading articles. Once you include your promotional message in between the clip, your views will get the message promptly. A creative video will always trend on social media. This will attract millions of users on Face Book and Twitter platforms. Whiteboard Animation is one of the most reliable ways that will ensure your clients get the message that you want to.

Emotional connection with consumers

You will know that your commercial video is effective when people respond to it positively. Videos can grab people’s attention very easily because consumers can get the real picture of the message. Videos are encoded with both audio and visual, this becomes an effective way to connect with people emotionally. With a creative and compelling story on your video, your consumers will feel the effect. The video testimonials can add credence to your trade. In fact, the viewer can watch other customers who have received your services, and they will believe them. Written testimonials may look creepy according to most consumers, but videos can be believed.

Your audience is vast

There are millions of people using the internet, and they are likely to come across your marketing videos. You are likely to get your target audience from these online viewers. This can render you many customers who will be likely to buy your products. Not everyone can read, most people can understand your commercials through the visual display. Everybody can understand your message unlike
the use of articles in business promotion.

Increases your business credibility

Your business can earn credibility by using videos to market your products. This will help to grow the brand because all your videos will contain a logo to show brand copyright. For instance, a clothing line company will be associated with the brand. A brand can help to market your merchandise. Once your brand is stable through video marketing your company’s credibility will be guaranteed from the
consumer’s side.

Increases your Business credibility your business Can earn credibility by using videos to market your products. This will help to grow the brand because all your videos will contain a logo to show brand copyright. For instance, a clothing line company will be associated with the brand. A brand can help to market your merchandise. Once your brand is stable through video marketing your company’s credibility will be guaranteed from the consumer’s


Why you should hire professional printing services

It is a dream of every company or business to cost-cut its expenditure in all ways possible. Some businesses assume that outsourcing for printing services will cost more, but that is not the case. It will only cost less when doing it in your company if you are doing less bulk printing. But if your business is usually printing bulk documents it is advisable you outsource for printing services. Printing services outsourced entail a lot, and you can get more information about Influence Print and see some of the common printing services offered. Hiring professional printing services will benefit your business in several ways. If you are skeptical about this, this article gives you some of the advantages you will get when you outsource printing services.

Specialized printing resources

To start with one of the significant benefits you will get when you hire professional printing services is that youbhhfjj will have your work printed using specialized resources. For instance, you will have your work printed using very high-quality paper because these experts have them at their disposal. Most quality printing papers can only be found at the professional printing companies. But you will have access to this paper when you hire these professional. The quality of paper used to print your work will sometimes communicate a lot about your business. For example, a company magazine printed on high-quality paper will portray your company well.

Highly convenient

hghPrinting your work outside the company will be very convenient, unlike a case where you will have bulk printing in the office. Most employees who work in offices only have the necessary knowledge of printing few copies, and so they will not be able to handle massive printing and photocopying work. For instance, large printing requires the use of different machines which the employees are not used. They will take some time before they get used to the machines or sometimes they may fail to know how to use them. This will cause your work to delay but seeking these services of professional printing services will ensure your work is printed in good time.

Helps in lowering costs

Outsourcing professional printing services will help you in reducing the company costs of printing. This is because you will not be buying printing resources since the experts will handle the work. Doing your printing in-house could cost you a lot because you will need to purchase the machines and also other supplements like printing papers and inks. Similarly, the machines you buy will also need maintenance and servicing which will again cost you money. Hiring professional printing services will save you these costs.…

electric shaver

A buying guide for electric shavers

There are different models of electric shavers on the market. Choosing the best model can be very challenging sometimes. This guide is going to help you in deciding which features are important to you. This will, in turn, help you in narrowing down your choices. You will have to choose between Norelco or Braun, dry or wet, or foil or rotary. If you are interested in purchasing one or If you’d like to know more, check out this post. This post will help you in choosing the best shaver.

How to identify a good electric shaver?

A good electric shaver should have the following.

A trimmer

trimmer for an electric shaver

These devices come with trimmers for shaping sideburns or dealing with long hairs. Most of them use pop-out-trimmers, and others use an attached trimmer.

A good or respected brand name

Respected brand names are known for providing a comfortable and a closer shave. They are also durable. Some of the respected brand names include Panasonic, Norelco, Braun, and Philips.

A warranty

Most of the manufacturers will give you a two-year warranty. In general, this is the recommended warranty period for a standard device. Again it is important to check whether its attachments have been included in the warranty. The good thing with these shavers is that they can be used for many years. The modern devices are also rechargeable.

Main types of these shavers

Rotary shavers

They are designed with circular blades that are helpful in shaving the contours closely. With this device, the user has the freedom of shaving in any direction. It works more precisely by following the skin’s contours. It is ideal for shaving thick and strong hair.

Foil shavers

foil shaver

It has oscillating blades that are located behind the perforated foils. These foils are helpful in lifting the hair as well as directing it to its blade for comfortable and close shaving. They come with four or three blades. Its multiple blades are helpful in shaving more efficiently and faster. It has a loud motor.



Top rated electric shavers

  • Braun Series 7 760cc-4: This is a foil type. It gives a close and smooth cut. It is designed with a flexible head that helps it in following the contours. In addition to that, it has multiple settings that make it ideal for the different beard and skin types.
  • Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D 1250X: It is a rotary type. It can be used in shaving nearly all the types of beards. It features a quiet motor. This shaver is known for shaving efficiently and comfortably.
  • Philips Norelco PQ208: It is of rotary types. It has a compact size and a quiet motor. It gives comfortable and close shaves. It runs on batteries.
  • Panasonic ESLA63S: This is a special shaver that is meant for the sensitive skins. It is comfortable in hand and very easy to use it has a quiet motor. Additionally, it has a dry/wet operation that allows versatility.

The Features Of A Good Point Of Sale System

Every business needs a good point of sale system to manage their sales. The way you take cash from customers and serve them with their requested goods and services determines how successful your business can be. Since there are lots of business solutions out there, you have to know how to choose the one that perfectly suits your business. There are various features that you should look for when choosing these systems. As you will find out, different types of systems come with different types of features.

Features of a good point of sale system

User friendliness

It is important to pick a system that you can use with ease. In as much as you are looking for lots of features, they will all be difficult if you do not even understand how to use them. For example, a POS system for restaurant should have good display. It should show you every category of the items on sale as well as their prices so that you can simply click on them and make a sale. Unfortunately, not all the systems that you will find out there can assure you of this and therefore, you have to be careful.


Operational speed

How fast can you serve your customers using the system? This is an important factor to consider when you have lots of customers to serve. You do not want to keep them waiting in the queue for long. Consider in that customer satisfaction is key to your growth, you should not let them feel like you are too slow because they will choose to shop from your competitors. A look at the systems available in the stores shows that there are sharp differences when it comes to speed. This is an important part of the features of a good point of sale because it directly affects the sales volumes.

Simplifying the tasks

One of the main reasons for installing a point of sale system in your retail business is to simplify the tasks. It should help you to calculate the change, list all items purchased, and give out a receipt in an instant. These are tasks that would take you quite some time if you choose to do it manually.


Therefore, you should consider how simpler your work will be after installing that system. If you notice that you still will have to perform lots of tasks even after the installation manually, it is an indication that you should look for another solution. The best part is that you have an almost endless list of systems to choose from.

When talking about the features of a good point of sale system, it also is important to know how to choose one. Go for that which has been tested. Look at the best performing stores especially in your niche and check out the systems that they use. You also may want to try various systems just to know the ones that are likely to work best with your type of store.…

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headset

How do you ensure that you choose the right Bluetooth headsets that fit your lifestyle? While many people will endeavor to keep up with the latest technology in communication trends, no one wants to buy those that do not function properly. To ensure that you have the best of all go through various online bluetooth reviewing sites such as Tgusta and gather all the necessary information before making a purchase, but it is also important that you know what you are looking for:ertyhgcgxfd

Look at the design

You will realize that there is a variety of Bluetooth headsets on the market today that have different designs. It is advisable that you select those that are light and not that bulky. This is meant to ensure that you purchase headsets that will be comfortable to your ears when you wear them. Some of the most common designs include the over the ears headsets that come with loops that are situated over the ears. There are those that are known as ear-bud sets and others referred to as over-the-ear headsets. All these headsets have their levels of comfort ability hence your choice will depend on which one you prefer the most.


The Bluetooth headset that you choose should be compatible with whatever you are going to use it with. Even though the headsets and phones may have different specs, they should be able to be compatible with each other.


Battery life

One negative characteristic of Bluetooth’s is that of draining the battery quickly if they are not properly used. Ensure that you go for that headset that will go for at least 6 hours so that it ensures that you communicate comfortably for one whole day. If possible purchase that which has a standby battery.

Noise reduction compatibility

ertryujgfhgIt is not automatic that if you have a wireless headset, you enjoy good sound quality. Therefore it is advisable that you go for one that has improved technological features like, noise cancellation to ensure that you have a better sound quality. What this means is that you can be in whatever environment, but they will eliminate all the noise interference hence you will have a clear sound. Ensure also that they have echo reduction technology so that they can get rid of any echoing.

Budget friendly

It is important to realize that this is just an accessory hence you need not invest in headsets that cost a fortune, it is important that you go for those that are affordable but of high quality. Bluetooth technology is not that expensive thus you should not use a lot of your money in purchasing them.

Additionally, make sure that you settle for those headsets that are user-friendly.…


Drones – What They Are And How They Work

Use of drones has gained enormous popularity in the past one decade all over the work. According to one popular manufacturing company, the demand continues to double every day as people use them for various functions. If you are a beginner, it is crucial to understand the Drone Law in your country before flying one. Additionally, it is prudent to have enough insights on which drones to fly without much trouble to the neighbors or the authorities.

Understanding more about drones

What are drones?

gfhgfhgfhgfhgfhDrones are also referred to as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle ) which has the capability to fly for various errands like photography and related military missions. Basically, the drones can be of any size, but they fly without any person on board. In fact, they can also be termed as RC (remote controlled) devices. The drone technology is derived from the radio controlled airplanes which are more or less like toys. However, drones are more sophisticated as they can hover, move up, down and side ways with ease.

How do drones work?

Drones use radio frequency signals that are powerful and can pick from a long distance. They use the hertz (Hz) to measure the strength of communication which can range all the way from 30Hz to 3000Hz for the incredibly powerful communication. Other more sophisticated drones can use wi-fi connection which is more reliable as long as both devices have the wi-fi on.

One must know how to control the drone to avoid crushing it against objects and eventually to the ground. They come with manuals for this, and the user must follow all the steps.

How to choose a drone

When looking for a drone, it is advisable to choose the best for your budget. Some of the points to consider include the following;

  • dfgdgdgdgdfgfdgThe price – unlike some time back when drones were very costly, it is easy to get one at a fair price today. However, the price is significantly determined by their functionality and features.
  • The brand – some make drones that are of high quality while others of low quality. Research to see the drone manufacturers who have praises for their great work and visit their websites for various models they have.
  • Use review websites – drones review websites will save you the hassle of going through the entire web looking for a mix of value and cost. They usually review the best drones under various categories of money, and you will most likely get one.

With the above tips, you can rest assured to get a drone of your choice. This will indeed serve you to satisfaction.…

Qualities Of A Good Gaming Mouse

For those who are familiar with computer games, or even those who are professional gamers will ultimately tell you the importance of having control of your gaming environment. The accuracy of your head-shot will entirely depend on the speed that your keyboard offers and the precision that your mouse can afford. This is why a serious gamer will insist on having a gaming mouse, as it has many unique features than the ordinary mouse does not have. Below we are going to highlight the most important features that a gaming mouse should have.qrtgdzx

Qualities of a good gaming mouse

Powerful sensor

To start with, a gaming mouse should have a good and powerful sensor. This is because it plays an important role in determining its precision. This is why it is advisable that when you are shopping for a gaming mouse, you go for a mouse that has a sensor which has at least 1800 dpi if you want to achieve a smooth gaming experience, go for that which has a dpi of 3600. Some mice which are not necessarily meant for gaming, are specialized in a way that you can modify their dpi so that you make it easy for them to convert into the normal windows mode and gaming mode also.


Should have an ergonomic shape

The shape of a gaming mouse should be ergonomic; this is important as you will be spending three or more hours gaming. The mouse should be solid but should ensure that it provides some easiness when moved on the pad. It should also fit perfectly in the player’s hands. If it has more than three buttons as many gaming mice do, make sure that they are positioned properly, and they can be pressed easily.

Mouse report rate

r345thynfgdfsThis can be defined as the number of times that the gaming mouse transmits data to the computer. So if you want to play a game that requires that the most tin touch of movement of the mouse is felt, go for a mouse that has a high report rate. When your gaming mouse has a report rate of more than 1000 the slightest movement is felt and reflected on the screen. But this will also be determined by the type of screen that you have. That is why it is important that the screen resolution is high so that it can show that movement.

Should offer precision and speed

The ultimate goal that any gaming mouse should seek to achieve is precision and high speed. This is essential as it will allow you maneuver through complex game scenarios with absolute ease.

Look out for the above features in a gaming mouse, and you will have the best of them all.…

Computer Buying Tips For Beginners

234rtgfdfsdSelecting the best computer to purchase can be a daunting task at times. This can be even a great challenge when you do not know what features you should look out for in a computer and you thus require some computer buying tips. Nowadays, there are so many complex features in new computers to the extent that one is confused which purchase to make that can guarantee value for their money.

However, if you know what is right for you, and what the essential factors that you should consider when purchasing the right computer for yourself are, then you will be in a better position. In this article, we are going to highlight some computer buying tips that can help one in making the right decision when they are comparing the various computers for purchase.

Type of computer

The first decision that you should make is whether you want a laptop computer or a desktop. Your choice should be made based on which computer will suit your needs better. In the event that you want a laptop, choose the screen size that will be ideal for you. If you do not want a big screen simply because you are comfortable with a smalls screen, just go for it and don’t allow yourself to be influenced by anybody into buying anything that is unnecessarily big. Buy a computer that has a screen that you are comfortable with.


This is another important factor that you should consider when making a computer purchase. If your computer is meant to be performing basic functions like light document typing and storage, then 2 GB space is okay if you find a good deal on a computer, all you need to make sure is that the memory is upgradeable. If you get a computer that gives you sufficient memory and offers good speed for most of your tasks. Then you are good to go, provided that the memory is upgradeable.3ertgbvxcz


The simplest definition this can be given is that it is the brain of the computer. If you want a machine that will be accomplishing your tasks very quickly, then go for a computer that has the strongest processor. Going for a computer that is multi core enabled will ensure that you have the desired speed to accomplish any task quickly.


Ones you have put all the above factors into consideration, it is now time that you should think of how much money you should spend. Make sure that the money you give out matches the computer specifications that you require. Ensure that you get the best computer within your budget.…

Construct Framework

Construct Framework

Construct Unified

Last Updated on Sunday, 24 July 2011 12:55
altConstruct Unified is the first template development framework that works alike in Joomla! 1.5 – 1.7, the Molajo Joomla based application, and Nooku Server, allowing for a seamless transition of your template. It fuses the power of Construct Pro with new features for unparalleled flexibility:

Matching Joomla 1.6/1.7 XHTML overrides for 1.5 and Nooku Server.
Theme capability, allowing for an infinite number of built-in template styles.
Comprehensive mobile device detection and loading of mobile optimized content.
Extended template overrides for maximum creativity and flexibility.
48 semantically named module positions, up to 5 content columns.
Fluid max-width and fixed width layout options, easily configured.
Responsive image handling.
Simple, yet powerful back-end parameters.
Integrated Google Web Fonts, 155 variants and growing.
Follows the easily understood traditional Joomla template file structure.
Integrated CSS3 fix for Internet Explorer 6 and above.
and more…
As with all versions of Construct, Construct Unified doesn’t rely on WYSIYG editors or new interfaces. It provides a flexible and powerful foundation for the rapid development of one-of-a-kind templates. A few lines of CSS is all that is needed to create a unique template, expand it further by overriding the core layout and styles on a dynamic basis.

Construct Unified is currently only available on a membership basis.

Get Unified for $50 a year
Learn More Construct
As a member, you can use Construct on an unlimited number of websites, you get unlimited downloads and updates. You can even use it for commercial projects. To learn more, read about what makes Construct different and check out the FAQs

Not sure if Construct is right for you? Try Construct Community, the free version of Construct Pro.

Construct Template Development Framework

Last Updated on Sunday, 24 July 2011 12:56
Construct is a code-based Template Development Framework for Joomla. Construct is designed to be flexible and easily used for creating one-of-a-kind Joomla templates. Construct was built to fulfill our needs to create custom Joomla templates. Having this code-base allows us to take an iterative approach to continually improving and refining the process of custom template development. Construct is available in three editions:

Construct Community Edition contains all of the essentials and is free for everyone.
Construct Pro Edition takes Joomla templateing to a new level with innovative features and is available to all Pro members.
Construct Unified has all of the features of Construct Pro, installs in any version of Joomla, and brings Joomla! 1.6/1.7 style XHTML core output overrides to Joomla! 1.5.

All versions include free updates for the duration of your membership and are supported by fellow community members. We’re also busy putting together support documentation, FAQs, tutorials and demos to help you get started.

Read more: Construct Template Development Framework

Redirect First Login Plugin

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 February 2011 23:54
The Redirect First Login plugin is a simple plugin that will check to see if a user has ever logged in before, and if they have not, they will be redirected to the specified URL set via the plugin parameters. This plugin was originally released at our parent Website, betweenbrain.com, and is being made available here for support and maintenance reasons. It’s free to all, licensed GPL and will be supported to the best of our abilities (registration required to post on the forums).

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