Video processing tools that you need

Whether you’re a YouTuber, an editor or a designer, there will come a day where you need to edit a video when you’re in the digital art and design industry. Editing a simple video can be smooth as it requires less hardware and processing power to do. But nowadays, video processing demands have increased, which means more complex editing that requires a powerful tool by your side. Here we have listed several video processing tools that you need if you’re a video editor.

Online resources

Sometimes when you’re editing your client is going to request another video or music added to the video. But the problem with adding contents to your video is a copyright problem, a lot of music and videos are copyrighted, which means you can’t use it freely, especially if your video is for commercial use. But do not worry, there’s a lot of free-to-use videos and music from YouTube and other sites as well, just make sure that you check if they’re copyright free (safe to use). You can use youtube video downloader soft to download videos or music from YouTube.

A good computercpu

This tool is an essential tool for every editor, yes an excellent high-end computer is needed. A simple reason is that every time you edit you’re going to render the video, which takes a lot of time depending on how complicated the editing goes. If you have a lousy computer, it’ll take hours and hours, some can even take a whole day to render, and this is why a good machine can reduce the time taken for rendering.

Tip: a good setup is a computer with bigger RAM, preferably 8 gigabyte is the minimum for video editing, more is always better.

cpu fanCooling system

Besides a high-end computer set up, you also need a cooling system as your computer will get heated during the rendering process. What you can do to cool down the heat is to install a fan on your computer, one is never enough, make sure to have two or three fans on your computer. If you have more money to spare, you can always get a liquid cooling system for your pc, which is more efficient than computer fans, but might cost more.

Tip: if your computer case is small, you can always get a little external fan, this will save some money for your wallet and some space for your computer.…