about betweenbrain

betweenbrain logoSince 2001, betweenbrain™ has been delivering value-added services to solve the needs of organizations and individuals. Matt Thomas founded betweenbrain to aid his colleagues and businesses of all sizes in need of unique problem solving and technology services. Matt has since provided services from software customization and systems integration, web site and web-based technology development and deployment, to Marketing services such as Brand and Identity development. We believe in providing you with value-added services as web solutions that empower you to be control.

Since discovering the Joomla!® content management system / web application framework in 2006, Matt has truly become a Joomlaholic. He has since joined the Joomla Bug Squad, where he lead the Automated Test Team as well as performs regular bug squashing activities, and has more recently been asked to be the Development Team Leader for the Molajo™ Joomla! Based Application. Matt is also creator of the Construct Template Development Framework.

A major part of Matt’s participation in the Joomla Community is to help the project and community succeed. He regularly helps other Joomla users and developers by engaging them on email lists, forums, Twitter, and as many of the Joomla Day events that he can attend.

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about the Construct Framework

The primary focus of the Construct Framework™ is to provide a comprehensive code base to use for the development of one-of-a-kind templates for the Joomla!® content management system / web application framework. Construct continually evolves organically through each iteration and improvement that is made to it. Along the way, we have included some very cool features that allow greater flexibility, creativity and functionality of a Joomla! template.

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